Nelson applauds bipartisan effort to expand P-Tech Program

Senator Carla Nelson
2 min readMar 11, 2024

State Senator Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) today praised this year’s bipartisan effort to expand the successful P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) program across Minnesota. Senate File 4035, which received its first hearing in the Senate’s Education Finance Committee on Wednesday, aims to provide more students with the opportunity to earn tuition-free college credits, graduate from college sooner with less debt, and receive direct job training.

“As a longtime champion of the P-TECH program and co-author of this year’s P-TECH bill, I am thrilled to see this bipartisan effort to expand the program’s reach and provide more students with the skills, knowledge, and apprenticeships they need to succeed in STEM careers,” said Senator Nelson. “During my tenure as chair of the Senate’s Education Committee, I fought to establish and support P-TECH, as it offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for high school students to earn an associate’s degree and gain workplace experience through mentorships and internships with industry partners. It is now time to expand the successful PTECH model.”

The P-TECH model is a public-private partnership that prepares students for high-skill jobs in identified growth industries. It provides a rigorous, relevant, and cost-free education in grades 9 to 14, inclusive, with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. Students also benefit from workplace learning opportunities, such as mentoring by industry professionals, worksite visits, speakers, and internships, as well as intensive, individualized academic support from secondary and postsecondary faculty.

The bill was laid over and will be considered for a larger education bill later in session.