Senator Nelson statement on Walz one-time rebates: $260 checks are not good enough; we should have done more

Senator Carla Nelson
1 min readAug 17, 2023

Minnesota State Senator Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) today issued the following statement regarding the upcoming distribution of $260 one-time rebate checks to Minnesotans.

“I just don’t understand why Democrats and Gov. Walz only allowed $260 rebate checks when we had a $19B surplus and after raising $10 billion in new taxes.

“$260 checks are simply not enough. We should have done much more. We should have been able to provide much larger checks and permanent, ongoing tax relief that would have made a real difference in Minnesotans’ lives.

“I supported a plan that would have provided $3 billion in permanent income tax relief, $8.5 billion for one-time rebate checks, a complete elimination of the tax on Social Security benefits, a stronger child tax credit, and property tax relief. All of which would have made a substantial difference for hardworking Minnesotans.”